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HHO FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY: RILE India lab proposes to develop and install a power plant working on derivation of clean energy from hydrogen-oxygen complex. The sole aim is to reduce energy crunch and pollution load.

CAN SAT DEVELOPMENT: RILE India lab excels in space mining, space debris evaluation and earth observation research programs.

BIODIVERSITY AND SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES: The organization provides biodiversity assessment and sustainable solutions to aide the better of the environment amidst infrastructural development.

PERMACULTURE: RILE India Labs proposes to develop agricultural setup at a home to home basis to better waste management programs.  


CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE: Centre of Excellence addresses the research concerns faced by the Colleges & their students, and gives beautiful opportunities & recognition in skill development processes.


STEAM EDUCATION: RILE INDIA LAB is a leader in STEAM education, preparing and inspiring all of its students to seize the opportunities of the global society through innovation, inquiry collaboration and critical thinking.